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      What Is Cloud View?

      Cloud View is a word cloud generator for your web pages without writing any code! Our word cloud software can be easily integrated and works in real-time and even if your web pages are dynamic and coded in any programming language and on any platform.

      Quick Demo

      The word cloud you see next to this section is a live demo configured for advanced click behavior: This demo is to illustrate how the click behavior of the word cloud can be configured for advanced uses. If you thought word clouds are those silly web 2.0 things that are just to look at, think again!


      Cloud View is offered at very affordable prices to bring this wonderful web 2.0 technology to everyone.


      Give your web site a new look with a cool widget that can even earn you money as mentioned above. Act now and send an email to staff at tocloud.com. Let us know the license you are interested in.

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      ToCloud is one of the best word cloud generators available on the web. It is free to use online. Now the same advanced word cloud generation technology is available for your own web site. Read below for more information


      For Webmasters

      Webmasters are always looking for engaging their audience as best as they can. Cloud View provides all the above mentioned benefits for your personal or professional web site.

      For Corporations

      Corporate users who have vast amounts of content can integrate their content management systems with CloudView and provide their employees with an alternative way to swift through large volumes of data and help them navigate through the documents easily.

      For Web Designers

      Are you a web development company or individual who produce world class web sites for your customers? Do you want to impress them with a real-time word cloud on each web page on their web site? Then you can get a Cloud View license at our reasonable price mentioned below (how much you charge for your consulting is up to you).

      For Government Agencies & Educational Institutes

      You have a lot of content and a lot of users who need to assimilate the information you provide. Cloud View is a perfect solution to use on your content rich web sites to help your customers discover more content on your web site.


      Cloud View solution consists of a server side cgi script and a client side javascript library. Hence, Cloud View can be installed on any web server that supports perl cgi scripts. The javascript library works with all the common browsers.

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